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Yasmeen Abugalyon2/19/18Stasis Theory ExerciseFill out this worksheet using the topic you researched in your annotated bibliography; use thesources from your annotated bib to answer the questions. This should help you organize yourselffor the Community Problem Report.This activity is due at the end of Week 5.ConjectureDoes the problem/issue exist? Yes the issue does existHow did it begin and what are its causes? Drug overdose began in the late 1990’s whenprescription opioids for pain relieve became more prescribed. It is not until 2015 when deathsfrom drug overdose where seen to rise. The main cause is too much intake of pain killers andpeople not realizing that there is a limit to how much opioid drugs can be taken. Many peoplehave also died become physicians have given patients much more drugs then the patient’s bodycan take.
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