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Herrera Questions 10am BISC 220 Final, Spring 2005 A1. Which one of the following is an advantage of asexual reproduction? a. It allows populations to expand rapidly to exploit favorable conditions. b. It enhances the survival rates of parents. c. The limited number of offspring prevents overpopulation. d. It introduces genetic variability into populations. A2. At one end of the vas deferens is the ejaculatory duct. What structure is located at the other end of the vas deferens? a. seminal vesicle d. prostate gland b. bulbourethral gland e. epididymus c. Bartholin’s gland f. bladder neck A3. A man who was sterile was found to have the following: no evidence of feminization of secondary sex characteristics, elevated plasma concentration of FSH, and normal plasma concentration of LH. Which one of the following is the most likely cause of his sterility? a. impaired function of Sertoli cells b. impaired function of Leydig cells c. impaired function of granulosa cells d. impaired function of thecal cells e. impaired function of the adrenal cortex A4. Certain tumors of the adrenal cortex can cause secretion of excessive amounts of testosterone. If such a tumor occurred in a woman, what would happen to her menstrual cycles? Briefly explain your answer. A5. Where in the reproductive tract of women does fertilization usually take place? a. vagina d. oviduct b. cervix e. ovary c. uterus A6. If you increased the concentration of K + in the extracellular fluid surrounding a typical neuron, what immediate effect would this have on the resting membrane potential (Vm)? a. Vm would approach 0 mV. b. Vm would not change. c. Vm would depolarize. d. Vm would hyperpolarize. A7. If extracellular [Na + ] were 150 mM, intracellular [Na + ] were 15 mM, and the membrane were only permeable to Na + ions, which one of the following would be a likely membrane potential for such a cell? a. + 60 mV b. 0 mV c. -70 mV Posted Final_2005_10am Page 1 of 7
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d. Insufficient information is provided to answer this question. A8. The drug Viagra facilitates, but does not directly cause erections. What causes penile erections, and how does Viagra facilitate erections? A9. You are recording the membrane potential of a nerve cell immersed in physiological saline. When you apply electrical stimuli, action potentials occur. After a while, you apply a toxin isolated from spider venom. The toxin binds to voltage-gated K + channels and prevents them from opening. How will the cell behave differently immediately after the toxin is applied? a. The resting membrane potential will be depolarized. b. The resting membrane potential will be hyperpolarized. c. The duration of action potentials will be prolonged. d. The duration of action potentials will be shortened.
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Posted_Final_2005_10am - Herrera Questions 10am BISC 220...

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