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exp10_template - Experiment 10 Experimenting with Gas Laws...

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Experiment 10 – Experimenting with Gas Laws Name Type name Lab Day and Time Type day & time TA Type TA's name Section Type section number Documentation List references here (Lab Partners, Lab Manual, Textbook, etc.) Possible Points Points Received Introduction 10 Purpose of report Goals of the experiment Materials and Methods 10 Reference lab manual Only describe deviations Results and Discussion 60 Inserted titles for tables Inserted graphs into template Inserted captions for each graph Showed complete sample calculations Summarized all data in tables Answered questions completely Error analysis Laboratory Technique 20 TOTAL (100) TA Comments/Suggestions: SPRING 2008
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C HEMISTRY 102L R EPORT T EMPLATE EXPT. Experimenting with Gas Laws 10 10 Introduction The purpose of this report is to determine a mathematical relationship to describe three of the four fundamental physical properties of a gas: pressure, name two other properties of a gas related to this experiment . The objective of the experiment was to investigate how changes in list an independent variable and list the other independent variable would affect the list the dependent variable of a confined sample of name the gas used in the experiment . Materials and Methods The procedure for this experiment was taken from reference the lab manual . Describe any deviations from the given procedure. This should be written in past tense using clear paragraph organization following the guidelines for writing experimental procedures.. Results and Discussion In Part I of the experiment, the relationship between the pressure and the volume of a gas was examined. Table 1 summarizes the raw data collected in this experiment. Table 1. Title for table 1 Insert DataStudio Table of Pressure (atm) vs. Volume (L). Remember to resize the table so that all data are visible
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