Cyrus Stewart Test 3 Class Notes

Cyrus Stewart Test 3 Class Notes - 10 16 07 COMMITMENT...

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10 / 16 / 07 COMMITMENT MECHANISMS VVVVV Greater cost, greater value of membership Commitment increases as cost increases 10/18/07 NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITIES Characteristics o Fear of dependence underlying insecurity o Calculating impression management: pseudo-self presentation o Distrust – defense interpretation of grandiose images Fantasies of omnipotence Shallow interpersonal relations Background: rejection/abandonment – sense of entitlement Desire for admiration: contempt for those producing it. o Search for experience to fill emotional void: lack of authenticity o Protection of unacceptable self attributes perpetuate perceptions of threat/danger o Desire for immediacy and indiscriminate intimacy o Interest in external events only as they reflect/maintain self images Grandiose self importance with out legitimizing achievements Fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance Sense of uniqueness: should assosciate with/can only be understood by similar others o Interpersonally exploitative: lacks empathy 10/23/07 Authoritarianism (anm) Basic Dynamic: Components not challenged critically assessed Control, compliance, loyalty. - Manifested by style of power protection and creation. o Closed to internal/ external correction: Uncritical/ unexamined acceptance. Direction Components Attachment Separation Cognitive Group Investment Continuance sacrifice Emotional Group involvement Cohesion renunciation Evaluational Group identification Control mortification
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o Sacredness of tradition: Serial access o Rigid/ narrowly focused ways to establish correctness - Beliefs reduce self confidence manipulation o Truth produces moral certainty and legitimized control. o Ideology: Authoritarianism as virtue Indirect: “The ways things are” Overt : Reactance Power is exercised to maintain control o Differential reward (f) status Reinforce Privilege o Reinforced Privilege o Purpose/ Success Defined by those in power. o Lack of Voluntary entry/ exit o Non-responsive to change: resist negative feedback o Mental /Structural ANM (F) unchallenged ability: Certainty/ Control o Self distrust Relinquish power in exchange for self protection from other sacrifice and selflessness as virtues. BRAINWASHING: MIND/THOUGHT CONTROL (Bw) Examples o Induced change without informed consent to produce dependence on external authority resulting in addition/behavorial compliance o Passive acceptance of control by external agent who employs coercive manipulation to negate existing self in the process of substituting a new one. o
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Cyrus Stewart Test 3 Class Notes - 10 16 07 COMMITMENT...

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