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Cyrus Stewart Test 2 Class Notes - INTRODUCTION CULT o...

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INTRODUCTION CULT o Religious innovation disconnected from surrounding institutions SECT o Religious innovation as a logical derivation of surrounding institutions CHARACTERISTICS - (page 4) o Centralized (focused) relationships – extremes o Cohesion o Ideology Content does not matter. o Social (normative) control Restrict behaviors of members Following the norm o Leadership Power UNDERSTANDING o Search for meaning (bonded relationships) Attachment Belief Commitment Involvement o Structural attributes Rituals, traditions, institutions, values, roles, group structure o Dynamic group process VULERABILITY – disruption – uncertainty 9/25/07 Cohesion Definition: Forces that enhance bonded relations. -Attachment: Identification and voluntary engagement. -Belief: Acceptance/ compliance regarding shared ideology. -Commitment: Consistent restriction of range of voluntary choice. -Involvement: Time spent in direct/indirect social engagement. -Structural Integrity: Persistence of objective verifiable attributes. -Centralized engagement: narrowing of relevant stimulus field. The more the cult can isolate you toward their beliefs, the more power the cult has toward you in carrying out their central beliefs. Sources -External: Situationally induced effects of outside exchange. -Internal: Dynamics produced by consistent interaction within the group. -Psychological: Emotion needs for equilibrium between personal needs (e.x. acceptance) and group needs (ex compliance).
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Ideology Definition: Associational forces enhancing group structural integrity and interpersonal attachment. Cohesion/Solidarity= shared beliefs. Role of Ideology (Belief System) -Features enhancing cohesion. +Deterministic, all encompassing system that cannot admit alternative truths. -Untestable: Can only be validated by adopting correct perspective. Prior acceptance of basic premises. +Utopian visions are highly acceptable generalities. Justification for concrete programs -resistance defined as standing in the way of goal achievement. +Totalitarian: self contained eliminating divergence. -Dichotomized (dualistic) world view: lack of ambiguity. X Objective truth is obtainable.
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Cyrus Stewart Test 2 Class Notes - INTRODUCTION CULT o...

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