4348CH1&2&3 - 1) Network – a transmission sys. that...

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Unformatted text preview: 1) Network – a transmission sys. that connects two or more app. Running of diff. computers. 2) The internet – the most famous network is a global transmission network while WEB is a networked application that runs over the internet a. That most app. On the Internet are client/server application. In these app. The user works at a client PC 3) Clint PC – the user works at a client which receives sercies from another computer called a server . 4) Corporate networking – connect comp. that are inside the same org. support email the WWW, and other organizational app. That u use on the internet. 5) VoIP transmission of telephone calls over networks designed for data. IP is the interent protocol, which carries traffic across the internet. Transmits voice over the internet. 6) Transaction processing app. – are clerical app. Characterized by high volume of traffic. Generate more traffic, payroll, billing, inventory 7) Networking is also used to describe two separate types of traffic a. DATA COMMUNICATION – involves the transmission of data( text, numbers, picture, and other info ) b. Telecommunications – is the transmission of voice and video, cable telvsiion. 8) the 9 elements of a network a. applications (app. Programs) ( C & S run app. Program) b. frames (messages) ( when app. Needs to communicate it send mess in single network) c. client comp. (receive services from server computer. When using www. Client PC is c, and the www is server d. server comp( run operating sys. designed for server UNIx e. switches ( the breaking of transmission into short messages is known as packet switching, even whten the message is called a frame) f. routers ( switches only forward messages withing a single network. In contrast routers forward messages outside of a single network, to another single network.) g. access lines h. trunk lines i. wireless access points 9) a transmission line connects devices in a network a. access line – connects a computer . to the nearest switch. b. Trunk line- conncets a switch to a switch. A routher to ar. Or a s. to a r. 10) multiplexing – in which the messages of many conversations can share a single trunk line, minimizes trunk line costs 11) Wireless access point- conncet to switches via access lines. 12) Whne you discuss network costs u should mention : computers , switches , routers, access lines, or trunk lines. 13) Transmission speed is measured in bits per second a. Bit is 1 or 0 b. A t. speed is measured in bytes per second Bpa (8 bits) 14) when writing speeds, have1 to 3 places before the decimal point a. 2300Mbps 2.3 Gbpa , .5 Mbps as 500kbps 15) rated speed is the speed it should achieve based on vendor claims or on the standard that defines it ....
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4348CH1&2&3 - 1) Network – a transmission sys. that...

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