5 - Overemphasis the degree to which we are able to act...

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December 5, 2007 MC 201 Lecture Closing Remarks Reread opening lecture Read course outline o What have I learned about the themes? o What have I not learned? Liberal Democracy o Tension between developments in science and liberal democracy o Historically how liberal democracies have failed to include or excluded groups of people Is this a failure to live up to states ideals? Is it symptomatic of problems within the democratic system? o Tension between desire for freedom and desire for security? As individuals we inherently have both
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Unformatted text preview: Overemphasis the degree to which we are able to act freely and our needs for security o State Coercion and Individual Choice How to determine the proper balance between the two Both are necessary When does state power become oppressive? When does the exercise of individual liberty become too much? Two groups of people that are excluded: African-Americans and women o Both racist and sexist o Problem of exclusion Liberal democracy and science o...
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