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September 10, 2007 The Institutions of American Government Functions Create Forms Checks and Balances o Does not encompass separation of powers in entirety Functional Separation o Passage of Legislation (Congress) o Maintenance of Order, security, stability-execution of laws (presidents) o Protection of individual rights (Judiciary) Overlap of functions to insure the quality of the product o Each branch, while they do not control all parts of the functions, have the power to oversee the other functions Good government is not achieved by separation and overlapping of powers, but rather insures the prevention of bad government. Good government arises Interests vs. Inclinations Congress o Deliberation Studies carefully and studied the effects o Bicameral Design Two years, direct election Most “democratic qualification requirements” o
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Unformatted text preview: Senate is a salutary check on the government Six years, indirect election Less numerous Designed to cool the passions of the house Gridlock o Not intentional, but what gets done takes forever o The danger is mutable legislation democracy is always changing its mind and creating new legislation o Stability is good because it creates the respect that is needed for government The Presidency o Create energy o Stability o Administration o Unitary energy and responsibility Promotes responsibility o Duration Allowing him/her to pursue measures whose ultimate good may not immediately be clear o Re-Eligibility Infinitely re-eligible The vote is distance by the electoral college not a direct election The Judiciary o The president has military power...
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