Summaries - October 16, 2007 Summaries Not A Suicide Pact:...

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October 16, 2007 Summaries Not A Suicide Pact : Posner Balance between liberty and security (cost and benefit) Desperate times call for desperate measure o Ex. Give the executive more power in times of crisis (torture) Give up liberties for securities when the benefits exceed the cost o Reasons: Airport security Torture to get answers that could protect Government censorship The Naked Crowd : Rosen Base political decisions on fear o CCTV Rather feel safe than actually be safe Media over-publicizes disasters “Crowd” would prefer the Naked Machine over the Blob Machine because they feel that it is safer Relies on scientific/factual evidence and experts than political decision – this is a flaw because the public would be able to make a better decision because they know what they want Prefer a presidential government over parliamentary government – needs the separation of powers and check and balances o The executive can do things without Congress knowing, but with a strong separation of powers because it prevents this Want technology that will secure the people but protect liberties at the same time o Can have security and liberty without sacrifice Tocqueville Majority tyranny and individualism CCTV would be like majority tyranny because its conforming to one thing (indirectly) The Midterm is Not A Suicide Pact Take a stance – your argument is important (for is it compatible? ) o They are not looking for yes or no because there is not one right answer o Take a position, does not have to be clearly yes or no, but summarize and draw a
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Summaries - October 16, 2007 Summaries Not A Suicide Pact:...

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