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Lorilea Zabadal September 10, 2007 MC 201-10 Federalist Papers 52, 55, 62, 64, 70, 72, and 78 Reading Brief The House of Representatives It is very important to a republican government to uphold the principal of suffrage. This is the best way for the people to feel connected to the government. For this reason, the House of Representatives are elected by biennial elections. This is important because it allows the people to remove the representatives whom they feel are not keeping the people’s best interests at heart. It is also important to remember that the legislature only holds a third of the power. Many people fear a strong legislature, but this division of powers weakens the legislature, thus preventing the majority of corruption that occurs in the legislature. There are many charges against the proposed way of representation in the House: too small a number of representatives to satisfactorily represent the people; the inability to relate the public; not sympathetic with those they represent; and that with the increasing population, the representatives will be unable to do a satisfactory job. The main issue here is that it is necessary that a standard be set for the number of representatives from each state, and this representation
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Federalist_Papers_52_55_62_64_70-72_and_78 - GreetingLine...

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