Abortion Court Case Notes

Abortion Court Case Notes - Griswold v. Connecticut •...

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Griswold v. Connecticut Privacy/Liberty o The protection of the individual under the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable search and seizures – a person should be safe from the invasion of privacy that interfering in prevention of conception is. o The marital bedroom is a private place that should not be subject to search by police for contraceptives. Arguments o Chief Justice Warren and Justices Brennan & Goldberg agree that the Fourteenth Amendment does not necessarily encompass the first eight amendments. Rather, they would argue that the Ninth Amendment provides the most protection. State/Individual o Those who were providing contraceptives in any form were to be fined no less than $50 or 60-365 days in prison o Anyone who aides/abets above offender is also subject to the same provisions. o The State agrees with the provisions for the protection of those engaging in martial relations, but disagrees with the notion that contraceptives should be available for those outside of marriage. For this reason, the idea that married couples should be denied contraceptives helps back up the idea that non-married couple would also. Medical Professionals Roe v. Wade Privacy/Liberty o The Constitution does not directly state the right to privacy; however, there are several protections of privacy under the Constitution. First Amendment: general liberties; control over the development and expression of one’s intellect, interests, tastes, and personality. Fourth and Fifth Amendments Penumbras of the Bill of Rights Ninth Amendment Fourteenth Amendment: the concept of liberty; o The term privacy as it is used in relation to the concept of the liberty of abortion is not the same context that is used in the Constitution; however, the term liberty
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Abortion Court Case Notes - Griswold v. Connecticut •...

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