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November 27, 2007 MC 201 Recitation Abortion Never Let Me Go Abortion o Griswald v. Connecticut Is it constitutional for the State to prevent people from buying contraceptives? They find it unconstitutional. The Bill of Rights allows for the right of privacy – however this is not explicitly granted. The Supreme Court had to interpret a variety of Amendments to indicate the right to privacy. This case relates to marital privacy – relate contraception to privacy. Can Connecticut pass a law controlling the sale of contraceptives – the majority says no, that is unconstitutional (several reasons stated). Sets framework for Roe v. Wade o Roe v. Wade Right of privacy extends to the woman’s decision of what to do with her pregnancy – between herself and her doctor State Interests – restrictions based on trimesters: limited by the idea that the State has some interest in the matter Abortion not allowed in the third trimester
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