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25 - The purpose of government is to secure these o We...

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October 25, 2007 MC 201 Recitation On Liberty: The Struggle Between Truth and Freedom We really know something through discussion and experience (debate) o You need some to challenge your opinion If you have no one to challenge your opinion, your opinion isn’t sharp, it’s just prejudice Ig. Every American believes freedom is a good thing – we hold many things as true without thinking about why they’re true – and that everyone else who believes otherwise are crazy, stupid, or ignorant o The founders had to defend democracy, and they knew how to defend it against those who opposed them o Today, we don’t know why liberal democracy is good, because there is no one contesting it; we just take it for granted that is it good – prejudice o Why is it that we should have rights? o What are rights good for? The bill of rights says that we are endowed with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
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Unformatted text preview: The purpose of government is to secure these o We don’t know why we have these rights, but we like to assert that we have these rights – we don’t really know why we have these rights o There is a difference between a true prejudice and true knowledge – Mill believes that people assert their beliefs, but never think about the opposite, and don’t know why they believe what they believe o If you never hear the opposite of what you believe, you never have to defend what you believe, and you can’t know why what you believe is right • Faith in Progress o Scientifically, it is hard to contest progress – over time, science has improved o Is moral/political progress like scientific progress – are we better now than we were 100 years ago? Does humankind advance toward more moral/political truth? How is this in tension with...
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