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October 11, 2007 MC 201: The Naked Crowd Posner vs. Rosen Posner is a cost-benefit analysis of how much we are willing to give up to maintain security – Rosen would say that Posner’s equation is wrong because he overestimates how much security is produced by limiting liberties Blob Machine vs. Naked Machine o People would choose the Naked Machine because they feel that it would be more effective. o Its not about whether it actually is more secure, but whether they feel more secure o P.5: “They describe a willingness to be electronically stripped by the Naked Machine as a ritualistic demonstration of their own purity and trustworthiness in much the same way that the religiously devout describe rituals of faith. They
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Unformatted text preview: dont care, in other words, whether or not the Naked Machine makes them safer than the Blob Machine because they are more concerned about feeling safe than being safe We dont even think about whether we are actually safe, its all about the feeling. We are not rational. We obsess about little percentages in health issues. We imagine things are going to happen to us because they are happening to someone else television makes things seem more immediate than they are We fix on low probability risks and obsess on it to too high a degree The more we have control over, the more we obsess over the little that we dont have control over CC TV o Whats wrong with it?...
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