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October 18, 2007 MC 201 The Naked Crowd Rosen and Posner are both for Presidential government o Rosen is for separation of powers – shows how it balances liberty and security because of the separation o Posner does not specify how he’s for the separation of powers – lack of defense Question One o Use a specific case to argue the point Question Two o Favors political solution, but will only work if we can overcome the dangerous tendencies o Read the prologue Question Three o Political oversight Questions Over Lecture o Individualism vs. Individualists Looks to majority for approval: Individualism Being yourself: Individualists Tocqueville: everyone in past communities knew where they stood in the social hierarchy; Rosen: now people have to look to the majority to see where they stand Individualism arises because of equality (Tocqueville); lack of community (Rosen)
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