13 - September 13, 2007 Recitation 201 Tocqueville's...

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September 13, 2007 Recitation 201 Tocqueville’s Democracy in America Quiz Tuesday! o This isn’t an opinion – just show that you know the material o This is just about the Federalist Papers; don’t draw in outside opinions, materials, or issues o Length should be sufficient to flesh out your paper – be able show that you prepared ahead of time o Go over lecture notes o Learn in college – know what’s important and what’s not (ig. 49 which illustrates all the state constitutions – NOT IMPORTANT) o Take the question, look through the Feds to find something relevant, and then use your notes. Do this each time you go over it – you’ll find different things each time. Outline the answer, not memorizing your answer. Tocqueville o Federalist Papers vs. Tocqueville Differences? Novus ordo seclorum – new structure; a claim that this new structure is new (according to the Feds). Tocqueville argues that democracy has been developing for many years. Tocqueville states that is a culmination of democracies that preceded it by 800 years of older governments. Therefore, it is not novus ordo seclorum . Been formed by the people – the characteristics of those that founded the country – must be able to understand the Puritans as well as the Constitution The Federalist Papers go through the structure of the government, whereas
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13 - September 13, 2007 Recitation 201 Tocqueville's...

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