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18 - o At the social level this is the way of democracy o...

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September 17, 2007 MC201: Tocqueville The Tyranny of the Majority Political: extent to which the majority can get its way, especially at the local level Tyranny Over the Soul (psychological level) P. 298 bottom of page: The old manner is beatings and oppression – they can never take your soul (South Africa: imprisonment, beat Nelson Mandela – became a martyr) New Ways o Leaves body alone and goes to the spirit – you may maintain your own thoughts but on one will listen to you (you will be shunned for being different) o “Maintain the rights of men but not those of mankind” – a life worse than death o “If I were a Republican at Oberlin, I’d lie about it”
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Unformatted text preview: o At the social level this is the way of democracy o Americans have a tremendous desire to conform • Social Conformity o “Conforming non-conformists” – don’t want to conform, but are all the same o The difference isn’t so much the opinion, its procedural – how do we best achieve equality of opportunity and freedom? o Anyone who dissents is scorned o The range of political opinions America holds their beliefs to be true, but they don’t really know why because they don’t ever have to prove it because its never challenged o Pressure to conform is amazingly strong socially...
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