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January 30, 2008 The 2000 Census: Opposing Interpretations o The 2000 Census 7 million people (3% of the population) checked more than one box in answer to the question “What is this person’s race”? o Competing Interpretations of the Census “The beginning of the end of race” Mixed-race Americans will be the new trend in the future. Racism has its new form today: Race and Class (p. 163) “Ultimately, changes in the composition of the population need to be reflected in both political representation at the national level (the House and the Senate) and a more equitable distribution of resources of the country if they are going to have positive social, economic, and legal significance… The absence of racial diversity. .. is a disadvantage and, a sign of intellectual and cultural impoverishment – for all Americans.” (p. 166) Race, Racism, and Civil Rights Movement o Martin Luther King Jr. and Civil Rights Movement: His Final Sermon in 1968 There was “the happy truth that racism is a way of life for the vast
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