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Johnathan Stewart A39765179 Identify some problems, issues or concerns the author is engaging with. Where are they? (Provide page numbers). Some problems that Sylvia Plath had were being born a woman. With being born a woman she wasn’t able to do everything a man could do in her time. Pg.13 She lost her father at a young age which caused her family to move and for her to change schools. Pg.14 The thought of suicide entered Sylvia’s mind which is a terrible thing to have in someone’s mind.Pg15 Can you relate to any of the problems you just described? I personally can’t relate to the problems that Sylvia faced because of me being a boy. Also I could not picture myself losing my father without my father I think my life would be over. The
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Unformatted text preview: thought of suicide has never entered my mind after one of my friends hung his self I noticed that life too much to take for granted I would never take my own life away, no matter how hard life gets. I was put on this earth for a reason just like everyone else was I couldnt sit there and watch my family suffer with me doing an outrages act like that. What do you believe to be the authors purpose in writing this document? The authors purpose for this document is to tell the life of Sylvia Plath and what she has gone through to becoming what she was known for....
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