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Johnathan Stewart A39765179 Identify some problems, issues or concerns the author is engaging with. Where are they? (Provide page numbers). Bellow overpowered me in a way no other writer had. Pg. 1 I remember hiking through the snow with missionary determination in November of 1969 to get a copy of The Atlantic--where Bellow's only novel published during my college years, Pg. 1 Bellow's high school years were haunted by the lingering illness of Liza Bellow, who died only a month after her son graduated from Tuley High. Pg. 2 My dad lost his mother at the age of four. Pg. 2 Can you relate to any of the problems you just described?
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Unformatted text preview: The only problem I can see myself relating to is the loosing of a beloved one, but not my mother because I would truly be devastated. Also I dont think I could continue through school like he did and live a normal life. My mother is the back bone of my life and without her I wouldnt be able to function. What do you believe to be the authors purpose in writing this document? The purpose of this story is to show how the literacy of one of his fathers school friends played a major part in his life. Reading and studying the work of one mans legacy helped Turow be who he is today....
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