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What do you see here? What kind of document is this? Describe the document in terms of content, without being  interpretive. What I see here is a document about a ladies life. The kind of document that this is a biography of Sylvia Plath.  This document is a story of the life of Sylvia written by someone else.  What do you think the document reveals about its era? What kinds of information can be learned from the  document? (There might be more than one kind of information—try to describe several kinds).
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Unformatted text preview: The document reveals the lifelong story of Sylvia and how her life has portrayed. The kind of things that can be learned from this document is how and what types of things Sylvia has done in her life. What don’t you know about the document? What questions could you ask about it? What I don’t know about this document is how all this information has been gathered and where all the information came from. I would like to know when was this document written....
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