mid_term_1_Spring_2007 - tDEC-211: MidTerm #1 Name:_...

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tDEC-211: MidTerm #1 Name:_________________________ Section_______ Spring 2007 M. W. Barsoum (Print) 60 mins. Closed-book, closed-notes exam. Formulae given on attached sheet (see last page). You may also use a calculator, periodic table and ruler. Please show all work for full credit. 1 . For the following questions choose the correct answer and fill in the blanks, as needed. i) For any bond to form, you need long /short (choose one) range attractions and/or (choose one) long/ short (choose one) range repulsions. If it were the other way round then ______________ 4 pts ii) The main reason water has a lower /higher (choose one) melting point than Al is because _it has a higher atomic mass ____________________________________________ 4 pts iii) In the zinc blende unit cell there are __ cations and __ anions because (show calculations, etc.). 4 pts. iv) Metallic bonds usually occur between atoms that are weakly/strongly (choose one) electropositive. Metallic bonds are characterized as having localized/delocalized (choose one) electrons. The best evidence for this conclusion is seen in (pick a property) ___________________________________ 3 pts v) The bonding in MgO and NaCl is mainly ionic. The melting point of MgO is higher/lower (choose one) than that of NaCl because (explain with equation) _____________________________________ 5 pts vi) The electronic configuration of Mg, atomic number 12 and atomic mass
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mid_term_1_Spring_2007 - tDEC-211: MidTerm #1 Name:_...

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