Bio 183L Lab 3

Bio 183L Lab 3 - Laboratory 3 Enzymatic Reaction Rates vs...

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Laboratory 3 Enzymatic Reaction Rates vs. Temperature Kyle Huber 5/7/2009 Bio 183L
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Abstract Laboratory 3: Properties of Enzymes focused on the variations of reaction rates amongst enzymes subjected to various circumstances such as heat, pH levels, different concentrations of substrate and lastly, the presence of an Enzyme Inhibitor. The assigned section of this laboratory for our efforts was the effect of temperature variations on enzyme reactions. Our results concluded that from the four temperatures used: 4, 22, 37 and 60 degrees Celsius, the longest reaction times came from the 4 degree and 60 degree mark, whereas at the 22 and 37 degree mark, their reaction times were very similar. To perform the experiment, various beakers filled with the enzyme at the appropriate temperatures were already set out and they were then simply tested using float discs through the use of the reaction between H2O2 and the enzyme. When the reaction occurred, the disc would float to the top of the solution and during this time, a stopwatch was used to record the time this action took. Introduction This experiment was important to conduct because enzymes are essential to life. They are biological catalysts that carry out reactions in living cells. Learning how to control and increase or decrease their rates of reactions is important because in certain scenarios, where enzymes need to react at certain rates, this knowledge will be crucial in determining what to do to these enzymes in order to produce the desired effect. Learning
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Bio 183L Lab 3 - Laboratory 3 Enzymatic Reaction Rates vs...

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