Psy 376 Writing Assignment 1

Psy 376 Writing Assignment 1 - XXXXXXX 3/23/2008 PSY 376...

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5/11/2009 PSY 376 Fall 2007 Writing Assignment #1 Due: Monday, October 8, 2007 Education and Cognitive Decline in Older Americans The human mind tends to lose cognitive function and capabilities later in life. The starting times and rates at which this decline in function can be related to the amount and level of education this individual received during his or her life. Previous experiments have determined there is a direct relationship between cognitive performance later in life and educational level. However, there appears to be further research that shows higher levels of education result in increased rates of cognitive decline. Dawn Alley, Kristin Suthers and Eileen Crimmins decided to further research this inconsistency within cognitive function. These researchers wanted to know why a higher level of education can cause a higher rate of decline of cognitive function. Previous experiments and research have found that education early in life that leads to higher levels of such education lead to increase brain activity later in life due to increased living conditions and resources as a result of this education. This “enriched environment” leads to greater exposure to intellectually stimulating activities that can increase the brain’s activity and like a muscle that becomes stronger with exercise, the brain’s density increases due to bigger synapses. Three hypotheses are established in this experiment. First, if education did in fact, slow the rate of cognitive decline, an active cognitive reserve is what’s being used. This shows that an educated brain works more efficiently thus when some kind of
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Psy 376 Writing Assignment 1 - XXXXXXX 3/23/2008 PSY 376...

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