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XXXXXXX 5/13/2009 Eng 101 Storm over the Amazon Essay Edward O. Wilson, a Professor of Science and an evolutionary biologist, has focused his career on the study of ants. “Storm over the Amazon” is an introductory essay that attempts to argue that patterns that are found within nature are used by scientists as the basis for theories and that biodiversity is essential to the sustaining of life. This essay is written in a descriptive, story fashion so that it could be easier understand by nonscientific readers accompanied by the use of colorful imagery. Deep in the rainforest resides Fazenda Dimona, a camp located in the Amazon which Edward O. Wilson shared with Brazilian forest workers. He describes how, “Each evening after dinner I carried a chair to a nearby clearing to escape the noise and stink of the camp,” (Wilson, 2002. p.69) which gives an aura of poverty and lack of cleanliness within the camp. Sitting on the edge of the camp and facing the rain forest he describes his experience as: A darkness so complete I could not see beyond my outstretched hand, and I was forced to think of the rain forest as though I were seated in my library at home, with the light turned low.(Wilson, 2002. p.69)
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To be in such darkness could possibly have been frightening for Edward Wilson and forcing himself to think of this darkness as that of his library could have put him more at ease and brought him some comfort. Towards the middle of the essay, Edward Wilson clearly says “I am approaching the subject of central interest.” This line indicates the significant point to the audience. Being that this essay was intended for the nonscientific public, Edward Wilson could have been obviously blunt to help point his readers in the right direction. Putting this line
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Project 1 Eng - XXXXXXX Eng 101 Storm over the Amazon Essay...

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