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Review for Exam #2 Exam questions will be from lecture, text, supplemental readings and ANGEL handouts ***************************************************************************** Dating and relating History of love and marriage Rise in premarital sex Intimacy and commitment Touch Differentiation Endogamy, exogamy Halo effect Marriage gradient Cohabitation Who cohabits Rate of cohabitation Engagement Functions Expectations Sexuality Sexual learning Hormones Sexual response Sexual behaviors Contraception History Methods - there will be a matching section of methods & types.
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Unformatted text preview: For example, “the pill” would match with “hormonal method” “Show & tell” information Sexual health Risky behaviors Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) Three types, their symptoms, & treatments for each Deciding to have children Costs of parenthood Infertility/fertility Typical infertility rates Causes ANGEL handouts for this part of the course: Breast self-exam Testicular self-exam Sexual Orientation Masturbation Contraception chart Diagrams of male and female reproductive systems - know the location and function of organs and structures for a matching section on males and a matching section on females...
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