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Some main frameworks used in anthropology in the study of cultural change 1. change typology a) innovation – discovery and invention b) diffusion – spread of cultural traits from one society to another, often with reinterpretation c) cultural loss 2) Acculturation – changes in a culture due to intensive contact with a more dominant culture assimilation – individuals or groups become members of another society and culture 3) modernization – taking on characteristics of industrialized society sub-processes: a) industrialization = machine power, etc b) Technological development – scientific technique
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Unformatted text preview: c) Agricultural development from subsistence to commercial farming d) Urbanization = growth in number and size of cities 4) Globalization internationalization of economy and culture Diffusion spread of one cultural society to another melting pot is not about diversity its about homogenization (like steel) Demoralization loose their faith in their culture Stress revitalization (religious movement, make adjustments to deal with present world) Cargo cult Adaptive reorganization (with cultural loss)...
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