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Traditional -based on subsistence life way -self reliance, skill, patience -suppression of aggression -group orientation and importance of kinship network -meat distributed along kin lines -social validation by hunting skills and sharing meat Modern -based on market economy -self-reliance, skill, schedules -individual orientation -planning, to make profit -social validation by accumulating relative wealth -Captain gets more money than the crew -Captains usually used family as their crew - Bristol Bay mortality study western Alaska
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Unformatted text preview: -Limited entry permits and commercial fishing industry Findings: 3 main areas of difficulty 1) Conflicting value orientations a) Traditional one, based on subsistence lifeway b) Modern one, based on commercial economy and dominant culture 2) Particulars of the development of commercial salmon fishing a) Problems re-limited entry permits b) Development of stratification c) Migration 3) Western style education and intergenerational conflict...
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