04exam1 - Husain Zeena – Exam 1 – Due 9:00 pm – Inst...

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Unformatted text preview: Husain, Zeena – Exam 1 – Due: Sep 17 2003, 9:00 pm – Inst: H L Berk 1 This print-out should have 18 questions, check that it is complete. Multiple-choice questions may continue on the next column or page: find all choices before making your selection. The due time is Central time. Exam preamble: 1. Comments before an exam: A fresh course summary sheet will be given to you. No crib-note cards will be allowed. Programmable calculators may be used for numerical calculations only. No display of any formula on the screen is allowed Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. 2. Exam format : The exam questions are all in the multiple choice format. For each question, negative points will be assigned to an incorrect an- swers. If you try to beat the exam by guessing, randomly negative points from wrong answers will almost perfectly cancel the few you get right through luck. For example, for a mul- tiple choice question with N = 5 choices, an incorrect answer scores 1 / ( N- 1) =- 25% of the full credit. 1% rule: The numerical answer at which you arrive at might not be exactly the same as one of the choices given in the printout. As a rule of thumb, if your answer comes to within 1choices, and you believe that the physics is sound, you should proceed to make the selection. 3. At the beginning of an exam: When coming to the exam look for the key to your bubble sheet number. The key will be posted outside the exam room and RE- MEMBER the number assigned to your bub- ble sheet. When you are called in (please wait outside the room until the proctors tell you to enter) you will see bubble sheets and ex- amination papers prepared and placed on all the seats. The numbers of the bubble sheets will appear consecutively in a regular seating pattern so that a search for your bubble sheet should be quick. Your name and your Uni- versity ID number will appear on your bubble sheet. It is important to CHECK that your exam paper version number on your print- out. agrees with that on your bubble sheet (human error can cause a discrepancy). Also check the completeness of the exam set which you just received (bubble sheet, exam, course summary sheet, scratch paper). Organize your scratch paper: We recom- mend that you use only one-side to do your work. Additional scratch paper will be avail- able if you run out. It is advisable to label question numbers on your scratch work so that it easy to find the work you did for a given problem Only the bubble sheet is to be handed in. All other material is for your own use (to file, study or dispose of) 4. During an exam: Multipart problems: Some problems in the exam have several parts. For these problems, it is often the case that the answers to the later parts do not require obtaining the correct answers for the earlier parts. Thus, as a rule of thumb, if you cannot do one part of the problem you should still proceed to look at the next part....
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04exam1 - Husain Zeena – Exam 1 – Due 9:00 pm – Inst...

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