TEST WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 26th - LYELL Antiquity of the...

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TEST WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 26 th Multiple choice, short answer, essays Main Themes/Concepts - o Forces of Evolution: Natural Selection (Darwin focus) (acts on the variation present in a population – eliminates unsuccessful variants, survival of the fittest towards their current environment, propagate, descendants inherit their traits → change in allele frequencies in the population (def of EVOLUTION) - Forces of Evolution: o Mutation o Genetic Drift: random things that happen within a population : Founder Effect, bottleneck o Gene Flow: migration – transfer of alleles from one population to another o Selection These four forces fall under microevolution: occur in a population Macroevolution: occur in a species LAMARCK: acquired traits are passed to their offspring (GIRAFFE NECKS) WALLACE: natural selection HUXLEY: association with apes CAROLUS LINNEAUS: taxonomy, binomial nomenclature Great Chain of Being (Plato & Aristotle, Scala Naturae)
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Unformatted text preview: LYELL: Antiquity of the Earth : uniformitarianism: all the geological process we observe now are the same as they were in the past CUVIER: young earth: catastrophism: big catastrophes happen, followed by periods of equilibrium MALTHUS: struggle for existence, huge population, limited resources Recapitulation Theory (not true): as an embryo is developing, it recapitulates all the stages of evolution it has gone through. Problems with Darwin’s Theory: Mechanism for Inheritance Mutation – original source of variation LEARN HARDY WEINBURG Case Studies: Sickle Cell Allele, Delta CCR5-Viking Gene, Lactase Persistence Polygenic: Many genes attribute to a single effect: hair/eye color, autism, cancer, diabetes Pleiotropic: one gene leads to many effects: Sickle cell Polymorphism (Meyer p. 88): variation on a trait falls into definite classes of phenotypes – blood groups...
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TEST WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 26th - LYELL Antiquity of the...

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