Obama Speech - poor African American’s live in but also lack of support from their union Obama also addressed the flaws in Affirmative Action and

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Jared Jacobs Professor Stutman ENGL 139 March 24 th 2007 Obama’s Race Speech Reaction Paper Obama’s speech, "A More Perfect Union", was beautifully spoken. I believe that he spoke about some very taboo things that America just did not want to talk about in the public’s eye. Skipping over the fact that he did clear his name and disagreed from his previous pastor, he spoke of how our constitution states that all men and women are created equal yet even when the constitution was created slavery in some parts of United States did not start to get abolished until twenty years later. Still, slavery has been one of the major loopholes ignored by the constitution. Continuing Obama spoke of why a lot of African American’s have presently subject themselves to a poor image. According to Obama, this is mainly caused to a lack of education in the area which
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Unformatted text preview: poor African American’s live in, but also lack of support from their union. Obama also addressed the flaws in Affirmative Action and how White Americans complain about this “in the confines of their own home.” To solve most of these issues Obama stated that we need to unite in our nation, and no longer see the skin color of our brothers and sisters, but just as Martin Luther King Jr. stated the content of their character. Obama also touched on how it is a pity that his other candidates are using his own Race against him rather than judging him on his morels and presidential plans. To conclude his speech Obama touched on the various things which he would like to take care of during his candidacy and reiterated why people should judge him by that and not because of his race....
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