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Jacobs 1 Jared Jacobs Dr Tabor English 015 December 15 th , 2006 Obesity America Loves Them Fatties United States is a country where many different cultures and living styles intermingle to form one homogenous body. We are famous for our fast food places, Stouffer’s Dinners, and ice cream venues such as Cold Stone Creamery. The food we characterize our country by is one thing that makes America very unique. Our country is well known for specific people with specific diets and how they really don’t work. The United States is also very unique by another standard, it’s morbidly obese people. So that raises the question “Why is America just so fat?” Is it the food we eat? Possibly the kind of people we are, or perhaps America’s work ethic. In my opinion it’s a combination of the three. The reason why I pursue obesity as a research question is because I was once myself obese. In fact, now I pity those around me who are. At least, those people who can control their wait by means of diet and regular exercise. I’m sick and tired of some people who complain they “have been on many diets and none of them work.” The fact of the matter is diets do not work they are simply large cooperate schemes to make money. Sure someone can go on a subway diet and lose 200 pounds (on a side note “did we mention Subway Jared exercised to lose his weight.”) There are no secrete ingredients or meditations for diets. The true key to maintaining and/or losing weight is a proper diet and exercising regularly. That was how I succeeded in losing fifty
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pounds in eight months and how most other people could as well. It is well known that America is the most obese nation in the world, but to many it is not well understood. Obesity is accumulated body fat which hinders a person in many ways. In other terms, obesity is also when a person’s Body Mass Index (BMI) reaches above a score of thirty. Body Mass Index is better described “the number, derived by using height and weight measurements, that gives a general indication if weight falls within a healthy range.” (Jones) According to Consumer Government Health a healthy BMI is anything between a score of 18.5 to 24.9. Anything between a score of 25 to 29.9 is considered overweight and anything past the point is considered obese. Physicians also take into account many aspects about the person before coming to an exact total BMI.
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final paper - Jacobs 1 Jared Jacobs Dr Tabor English 015...

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