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Chapter 24 Summary What is Wrong with Slavery Cases exist there slavery maximizes utility. Thus it seems like utilitarianism has unacceptable implications. FALSE! o If having slavery increases utility for everyone versus not having slavery, then slavery should not be abolished. For example, if a country got rid of slavery and then the country went into depression making the lives of both the slaves and owners worse, then slavery was not wrong. Slavery almost always brings about more pain than happiness however. Thus we have internalized that slavery is bad and should be abolished. There is a psychological limit to the complexity and to the flexibility of the moral principles that we can add as moral convictions to our character. o If you pass this limit, you will end up unprincipled o Since this limit exists, it is possible to imagine situations in which slavery is good and still vote to abolish it while remaining a utilitarian. The situations where slavery would benefit all are pretty unrealistic
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