Summary - Chapter 34 (Rawls)

Summary - Chapter 34 (Rawls) - Chapter 34 Summary John...

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Chapter 34 Summary John Rawls: A Theory of Justice Overview: Social arrangements are just, and actions are right, when they conform to principles arising out of certain choices. o These choices are not actual but rather are choices that would be made by ideally situated persons. These people would only know the most general facts about the world. They wouldn’t know race, sex, natural abilities. They would not even know their actual preferences. Thus they would want only “primary goods” – goods that is rational to want whatever else one wants. Such goods: rights, liberties, powers, opportunities, wealth and income, and the social bases of self respect. This is a veil of ignorance. o Under it “each person have a right to the most extensive basic liberty compatible with a similar liberty for others.” o They would still tolerate some social and economic inequalities provided that they: Did not restrict equality of opportunity They raised the position of even the worst off. They help both the worst off and best off thus it is irrational not to go this route. The principles imposed would be “fidelity, mutual aid, mutual respect and noninfliction of harm. Does not equate justice or rightness with the maximization of benefity, it is different than utilitarianism. It is more similar to kants. End Overview: The choice which rational men would make in this hypothetical situation of equal liberty determines the principles of justice. In the original position, where everyone is under a veil of ignorance, the situation is fair
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Summary - Chapter 34 (Rawls) - Chapter 34 Summary John...

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