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Drama_116notes[1] - Drama 116 Plays Center For Dramatic Art...

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Drama 116 Plays, Center For Dramatic Art, room 214 Theatre Theatre is a performance that places human experience before a group of people- an audience-in the present moment. For theatre to happen, two groups of people, actors and audience, must come together at a certain time in a certain place. Theatre’s Immediacy Theatre is one of the most immediate ways of experiencing another’s concept of life-of what it means to be human. Theatre’s Aliveness Theatre is a living art form, continually before us in present time until that final moment of the play. Four Essential Parallels Between Theatre and Life: Actors  Humanity Simulation  Reality Rehearsal  Spontaneity Audiences  Society Theatre’s Doubleness Shakespeare said it best in As You Like It : “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” Theatrical Illusion Theatre creates the illusion , as we watch, that we are sharing an experience with others for the first time. Aristotle? Suspending one’s disbelief? Theatre’s Spaces Theatron -The ‘Seeing Place’ or special place (Greek) What are the three basic components of theatre? Actors, Audience, Space What are the two basic components of “theatre space”? Auditorium, Stage Proscenium or “Picture Frame” = our classroom Apron = part of the stage in front of the picture frame Main and teaser curtains (teaser hides instruments aka lights) Thrust stage – where we see the plays (¾) Amphitheatre – outdoors (Forest Theatre) a natural slope for the audience Open Air Theatre – Elizabethan Stage Black Box Theatre – you can do the stage and the audience in any way you can think of Arena - round stage looks like O with everyone sitting around it Environmental Theatre – banquet, and audience sits at banquet too – Macbeth Anywhere (Guerilla Theatre) What do you actually need to have theatre? Hypokrites
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- The “answerer” Thespis? (Thespians) The formula is simple – A man or a woman stands in front of an audience in a special place and a special time, performs an action interacting with another human being onstage.
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Drama_116notes[1] - Drama 116 Plays Center For Dramatic Art...

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