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2-18 history notes-1 - WW1 Continued HIS 315K Woodrow...

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WW1 Continued HIS 315K Woodrow Wilson felt U.S. had to be unified and descent was treasonous. War would cause destabilization. 1 Destabilization Factors 1. Gender roles changed 1 Drafting of men lead to women taking over their jobs Division of once strict public/private sector. Made it a duty for women to work war jobs as nurses or jobs that men have taken so they become: 1 Pink Collar Jobs men didn’t return to their jobs after the war. Before the war men were exclusively secretaries after it is most acceptable for women. All the “women” jobs like store clerks, teachers, domestic work were white women before the war and taken over by African American women after war. 2. Mass migration of whites and blacks to the industrial cities Northeast and Midwest 1 for African American this is the beginnings of the great migration. h was not enough housing to live in. so competing for housing occurred which led to an increase in riots and lynching of Afr. 3. Military: a large group of men 18-26 are stuck in towns where there is no fun and they have to make there own or there is too much fun. This led to: 1 Vice disease/VD - Thought that war would undermine the US character - Ex: A camp called Storyville was a brothel. The real problem of young men was that they were very healthy so suspectible to many diseases mainly the: 1 Spanish flu pandemic
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2-18 history notes-1 - WW1 Continued HIS 315K Woodrow...

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