2-27 history notes - History Notes 2/27 HIS315K Terms:...

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History Notes 2/27 HIS315K Terms: Herbert Hoover Franklin D. Roosevelt New Deal Bank Holiday March 6-15, 1933 Emergency Banking Act Reconstruction Finance Corp. Fireside Chats Banking Act of 1933 (Glass-Steagall Act) Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 1 st 100 days Alphabet Soup HOLC; AAA; FERA; CCC; CWA; NIRA/NRA -Blue Eagle; “We do our part” Bonus Army. Whenever there is a mass descent the first reaction is to label the whole thing communist inspired which is what Hoover did. But they were all WWI veterans so that is why people didn’t believe it. This was the summer of 1932 the election year and this was not the way to win the election where troops cleared out veterans and their children. Because of the tear gas two infants died. Two veterans shot. To the American people it looked as if there was class warfare simply because of the depression itself. So summer of 1932 even media that were sympathetic to Hoover had to ask “what is the presidents plan to get the U.S. out of depression?” Hoover doesn’t have a plan except to volunteer, give to charities, but it is clear that was not working. Nobody had any real plans. But in summer of 1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt emerged with personality and charisma unlike Hoover. Roosevelt could not stand or walk without heavy braces or crutches or arms of one of his four sons, yet people viewed him as a hearty man bc he was a master of illusion and inspiration. He accepts the nomination and said he has a plan. I pledge you and pledge myself the new deal to the American people. The New Deal was really pretty much what Hoover was saying to restore consumer spending, but the difference between the two men besides personality is that Roosevelt was willing to try anything to restore consumer spending. Consumer spending is a very conservative role, nothing radical about it and Roosevelt was willing to try anything even socialistic. Just the fact that he offered something different- hope. He is elected in November 1932. This was at a period in time when the president was not inaugurated until March and the first thing he did was eliminate that time period that the pres. Had to wait before office to January. March 1933 he is ready. What does FDR do first? Very
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2-27 history notes - History Notes 2/27 HIS315K Terms:...

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