2-29 history notes - 2-29 History Notes HIS315KA lot of...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-29 History Notes HIS315KA lot of people bashed FDR but one in particular had critiques on how this new deal helped the working class. Upton Sinclair The Jungle(1906); EPIC. He was a well-known figure in 1906 and wrote the jungle which described the nasty condition meat packing plants of Chicago. He had a clot of credibility as a critic for the left. By 1934, by then he moved to California, he decides he had a whole new plan to end poverty. EPIC end poverty in California. It is radical. He decides to get California back on its feet by (calif was mostly a agricultural state). EPIC was a way for workers to get together, form a collective, and get back to work. Idea was to provide enough products to sell it. To show how serious people were for solutions, Sinclair was nominated as calif governor and he was not a communist and never was, but republican opponent kept labeling him like that. Received 37% of the vote, not enough, but enough to get FDR to notice. Dr. Francis Townsend the way to get the economy consumer to get going again and wipe out poverty amongst the elderly (statistically poorest of Americans) came up with the townsend old age pension plan. Dr. Townsend toured the country. There were townsend clubs and they all campaigned for a very simple plan. Every month every American over 60 would be given 200 dollars. They had to spend that money within 30 days. Townsends reasoning was that if you are 60 you have children and grandchildren, so what you would be doing is espending on them and that would get the consumer economy going again. How was this supposed to be paid for? A 2% tax on all business transactions and that was the simple plan. Townsend and father charles Coughlin both loathed FDR and never passed up a chance to talk about him as a tool of the capitalist. Coughlin was more focused on getting rid of FDR. Represents a certain strain of American Identity was a young priest outside of Detroit michagn and the mdi fo 120s had his perish targeted towards the local KKK. They erected a cross and set it on fire. He was only in his 20s and decided he was not going to take this clan harassment lying down and asked bishop permission if he could have his sermons broadcasted. He was a very gifted speaker (nice deep voice) became so popular that CBS in Detroit offers him his own radio show. So he starts in voice) became so popular that CBS in Detroit offers him his own radio show....
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2-29 history notes - 2-29 History Notes HIS315KA lot of...

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