3-5 history notes - 3-5 history notes HIS315KPearl Harbor-...

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Unformatted text preview: 3-5 history notes HIS315KPearl Harbor- 12/7/1941Southward AdvanceRevenue Act of 1942/”spirit of ‘43”War bondsRationing/office of price administration-butter, sugar, coffee, gas, rubberOffice of war informationDemocracy/freedom. Consumerism-norman Rockwell-“four freedoms”Scrap drivesVictoyr gardensExecutive order 9066-1942Koremeatsu v. u.s -1942Detroit and los angeles (zoot suit) riots- 1943“white trailer trash”Rosie the riveter/latchkey kidsWhen Pearl Harbor was attacked it was attacked on U.S. territory even though Hawaii was not a st ate yet until 1949. the japans bombed because the pacific fleet was there and wanted to do it before any new ships set sail. Most of their ships would not be ready until late 1932 and 1943 and this was not a state secret, the Japanese knew this. It was not to engage the U.S. in combat but to knock the u.s. out. Japanese could not realize their dream that they had to continue with their military plan called the southward advance. Already in china in 1941 they also moved into present day Vietnam. The southward advance was supposed to eventually wind up in Australia. In between though you have a lot of very rich colonies and u.s. territories. Like Philippines and Guam. japanese thought they had a good chance at pearl harbor. FDR and almost everyone else expected some sort of Japanese attack bc they made no secret of their quest for empire. Someone in the u.s would of thought guam or Philippines would have been bombed. U.s. could read 2% of the Japanese code out of the telegraph. They knew the attack was planned but not where it would take place. Pearl harbor comes as a shock and it was a sign of patriotism when a lot of men on dec 8 joined the military, but most were hit with fear! A lot of people remembered what WWI was like and how destablalizing it was and despote what the president said the u.s was not ready for a war adnthey had no heavy industry. The u,s military was a gradn total of 150,000 men. There are news reels that show how these men are supposed to train and because there was no industry to produce these kinds of material in early years they would have trucks go by with the word tanks on them or beer cans to shoot. That’s how bad it was and Japanese were aware of this. So FDR first priority was produce! But American people are going to pay for war just like it this....
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3-5 history notes - 3-5 history notes HIS315KPearl Harbor-...

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