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ADV 318J Murphy Chapter 1 Outline I. ctp 8 two summary paragraphs a. Advertising is an important part of the brand-building process for a firm; good adv. and solid brand promotion is key to driving sales and building brand value and market share b. c. Case study: Cadillac i. Luxury car market fell from 75% to 9%; series of product missteps caused so ii. 1986 used cheap-looking Chevy chassis and 1987 used Allante- slow and leaked fast iii. Competitors like Lexus and Infiniti comes in with strong alternatives that are effectively advertised iv. GM have spent 4.3 billion rebuilding brand by (Exhibit 1.2: new designs and new advertising) 1. featuring Led Zeppelin rock music 2. dramatic changes in style and performance d. there is no shortage of opinions about what it is and what it does; many people think that adv deceiving e. At worst: seen as hype, unfair mind control, modern voodoo, etc f. At best: seen as amusing, informative, helping and hip. g. The truth about advertising lies somewhere between the extremes. Sometimes advertising is hard-hitting and powerful; at other times, it’s boring and ineffective; one thing for sure is that it’s anything but unimportant; plays pivotal role in world commerce and in the way we experience in our lives. Both a complex communication process and dynamic business process. h. Exhibit 1.3: ability to connect good and service- turning mere brand into social statement: get consumers to replace image of cars as “lemons” with thrifty Volkswagons II. 9 definition of adv. a. ADVERTISING IS A PAID MASS-MEDIATED ATTEMPT TO PERSUADE III. √ 11 three essential criteria to be an ad a. It’s PAID i. Will Smith appearing on Late Show? Not advertising b/c producers didn’t pay Late Show to promote their movie. Rather TV/ radio promotion of the movie IS advertising while the other can only be counted as publicity. ii. PSA (public service announcement) is not an ad, b/c it is not paid for and only an infomercial. iii. Exhibit 1.4: American Advertising Federation used Intel logo to create the brand look b/c Intel was one of the most successful firms in using advertising to build brand name and awareness. iv. Exhibit 1.5+ 1.6 (condoms) 1.5 is an ad for Trojan condoms(paid) while 1.6 is a message from Health Education Authority; not an ad b/c the HEA did not pay the mass media to publicize this ad. b. it’s MASS-MEDIATED- delivered through a communication medium to reach more than 1 i. creates a one-way communication where message is not delivered face to face; different from personal selling c. it INCLUDES AN ATTEMPT TO PERSUADE i. get someone to do something ii. purpose is to get consumers to like the brand and eventually buying it iii. Exhibit 1.7: Pur water ad: not a lot of persuasion but interesting ad creates positive attention, persuasive just by pictures; lack of persuasion would not be considered advertising IV. What is advertising? a.
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ADV_318J_Chapter_1 - ADV 318J Murphy Chapter 1 Outline I...

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