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Chapter 8 -- Planning Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion (4e) Highlight 1) 276-80 gist of iMac IBP story a) Began with the campaign “Think Different” using different innovators from the past; won a lot of awards but sales slowed down and faced extinction b) Steve Jobs came out with iMac, emphasized the point that it connects to internet instantly, and in addition he did a sneak preview that produced a lot of buzz in media weeks before the opening sales c) First day sales went crazy as shelves emptied for the iMacs; Apple decided to do one more further by run more than 100 million advertising between August 15 and December 31, including i) TV- national TV ads in popular shows ii) Outdoor advertising- billboards iii) Magazine advertising- Time, People, Sports Illustrated, etc iv) Radio-iMac giveaways v) Cooperative advertising- promotional products with other companies, including T-shirts and free stuff vi) Web site- available for the world to watch online d) Further pushed iPod and iTunes for the revolution of online music; the complexity that can be in executing a comprehensive 100 million+ advertising and IBP effort they based it off a comprehensive advertising plan. 2) 277 Ex. 8.1 -- which markets were targeted using this outdoor ad? a) Used this outdoor billboard in 10 top metro markets across U.S. b) The teenage and personalized younger market was targeted as computers were traditionally viewed as geeky; Apple pushed for the value of stylishness and elegance- part of “Thinking Different” c) Also targeted to households that just wants to get hooked to the Net. 3) 278-9 Ex. 8.2-8.4 great ads across media (print and the web) a) An agent of innovation and radical change, as compared to margin-focused companies out there b) Apple ads seem to find endless ways to herald the new, the innovative, the unordinary-better than others c) Interactivity of the web makes it easier for customer service d) New generations pushed to feature elegance as primary point of differentiation 4) √ 280 Ex. 8.5 -- the advertising plan; the ad plan is a written document, an extension of marketing plan Introduction - executive summary - overview Situation Analysis - historical context - industry analysis - market analysis - competitor analysis Objectives - Quantitative benchmarks - Measurement methods - Criteria for success - Time frame Budgeting - Methods - Amount - Justification Strategy - Clear and concise articulation of how the plan will achieve its objectives Execution - Copy Strategy - Media plan - Integrated brand promotion
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ADV_318J_Chapter_8 - Chapter 8 - Planning Advertising and...

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