ADV_318J_Chapter_10 - Chapter 10 - Creativity, Advertising,...

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Chapter 10 -- Creativity, Advertising, and the Brand (4e) (The content of this chapter is largely qualitative and impressionistic. Note that there are only two key concepts -- adapters and innovators.) I. 340 Ex. 10.1 -- Mr. K, the poster boy of creative killed in the name of sales a. Pitted the poets (ad agencies) against the killers (clients) b. Though the ad was good the inventory of Nissan did not; president of Nissan ended up quitting II. √ 340-3 gist of poets v. killers analogy a. poets look for creativity while killers go for the sales statistics affected by ads b. Exhibit 10.2: Ads by Dick- Miller beer ad- growth only 2.4% and ad was shut down c. Two sides advertising takes role i. You must sell with advertising, giving consumers information to guide their decisions ii. You have to build an emotional bond between consumers and brands; “Before you can be believed, you have to be liked” d. Alka-Seltzer campaign, Joe Isuzu, Mr. K, ads by Dick: creative yet inefficient; e. The reasons are at once simple (often conflicting reward systems), and complex 9the nature of creative professionals and those not so designated) III. 341-2 the tale of Taco Bell and the Chihuahua a. Taco Bell Chihuahua boost sales, “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” was becoming cataphrase b. For three years, sales rose over 9%, fluffy toys were sold, and it was believed that it can last “forever” c. Then it got old and becomes “Top Dog No More”; the killer finished off the CEO and the dog and the agency in charge was canned IV. 341 Ex. 10.3 the poster pet of creatives killed in the name of sales a. The Taco Bell Chihuahua b. People like the dog, but the dog, after stopped contributing to sales, got killed by the killers V. ctp 343 creating brands section -- review two paragraphs in this section carefully a. People who create the ads have a huge input on what the ads come out to mean; it is one of the most important functions in the creation, growth, and survival of brands b. Advertisers and consumers struggle to get out what a brand mean what it means i. On consumers side, they made Tommy Hilfiger the hip-hop, official Gen-X soft drink, etc
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ADV_318J_Chapter_10 - Chapter 10 - Creativity, Advertising,...

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