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Chapter 14 -- Media Strategy and Planning for Advertising and IBP (4e) Highlight 1) 485 over time, TV advertising has become relatively more and more expensive a) 200 grand in 1967, 2.1 million in 2003- 10 times more expensive b) Multiple ways to promote advertising- i) big effort to broaden def. of advertising ii) enforce traditional boundaries 2) 485-90 important changes: a) the 15% ad agency media commission system is gone, replaced by fee-for-service basis i) used to be the simple days of getting the clients to buy more in order to get more money off the commission ii) now clients mostly use fee-for-service- pay for specific jobs(resembles a law firm) iii) still commission but it isn’t 15%, not uniform or constant; a lot of jobs are outsourced and no one agency does all the job; job is done outsourced, in-house, or split off to other agencies b) new media options have been springing up with a blurring of the line between PR and advertising, lots of news stories are being written by marketers i) internet, cross-promotions, product placements, commercial in movies, etc etc- has turned into “everything” ii) companies would make news story part of their campaign- no cost is made and no ad is purchased, but still an ad; journalists get lazy and often let marketers write their stories for them c) consolidation of power by larger media companies, clients, and agencies i) changed the channel of power- power of setting price in favor of the media ii) every agency’s related and can force clients to settle because there’s no where else to go d) agencies employ fewer people, they work harder, and their clients are asking for more accountability i) lost of 15% big to agencies’ margin- transfer to new media to make more money ii) people work harder when there’s fewer people; they can obtain short term profits in two ways (1) fire staff (2) make more money on media buys e) accountability (ROI) i) other forms of IBP receives more trust than traditional media pushing excuse of “other things” affecting their
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ADV_318J_Chapter_14 - Chapter 14 Media Strategy and...

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