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Chapter 20 -- Public Relations and Corporate Advertising (4e) Highlight I. eg 698 gist of Treo 600 product intro e.g. of buzz mktg. why used? what does e.g. illustrate about PR? a. Treo 600- good example of how PR can replace advertising; 265000 worth of advertising done with one PR campaign; great turnout afterwards because of good PR and reviews b. A “behind the scene” process-uncontrollable, but when successful produce tremendous opportunity: it’s not just a tool to prevent negative publicity II. 699 def. of PR + 7 constituent groups; New Era for PR section; beginning of new era = 2000 a. PR- focuses on communication that can foster goodwill between a firm and its many constituent groups b. 7 constituent groups: i. Customers ii. Stockholders iii. Suppliers iv. Employees v. Government entities vi. Citizen action groups vii. General public c. New Era for PR- i. Traditional advertising no longer working and hard-working PR is what’s keeping the business up III. 700 percentage of agency revenue from PR v. adv., sales promo, etc.; what has lead growth in agency rev.? a. 13 percent from PR, 87 percent from advertising, sales promotion, etc b. Growth in agency rev. was led by direct marketing and interactive media, not PR services c. is PR more impt. than 5 years ago? Absolutely yes d. will PR replace adv.? NO IV. √ 702-3 six primary objectives of PR a. Promoting goodwill- image-building; ex. Pepsi funding school music programs b. Promoting a product or service- press releases, events, or brand “news” that brings brand awareness c. Preparing internal comm.- reduce impact of rumors and increase employee support d. Counteracting negative publicity- prevent neg. publicity from damaging the image. Ex: McCaw Cell phones brought up customers who went against the fact that it causes cancer-consumers stand up for the brand they trust- power of PR makes them do so e. Lobbying- dealing with state and fed officials in reducing efforts to stop the firm’s actions. EX: Microsoft and their antitrust case f. Giving advice and counsel- assist with positions in public issues, employee’s public appearance, and help anticipate public reactions. V. 703-7 seven tools of PR, gist of each; Ex. 20.6 -- what are two purposes of Tides electronic newsletter? a.
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ADV_318J_Chapter_20 - Chapter 20 - Public Relations and...

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