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ADV_318J_Project 1 - MEMORANDUM TO Professor John Murphy...

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MEMORANDUM TO: Professor John Murphy FROM: TH 6 DATE: September 19 RE: Major Project #1- Comparative Analysis and New Brand Name and Package Design Kellogg’s Rice Krispies (RK) and Malt O Meals Apple Zings (AZ) were the two cereal brands that I analyzed. Brand Names : 1. RK reflects brand concept because this cereal is made from rice. The rice is also toasted therefore making the rice “Krispy”. Consumers already know that toasted items such as bread usually tend to be crispy. They know what to expect when they buy this product. From the name consumers can guarantee that they receive a crispy rice cereal. AZ is also related to the brand concept. The word apple does represent the apple flavor of the cereal. Zing is defined as having vitality or energy. The brand name concept depicted here is that the cereal has a burst of apple flavor. This may be false because a targeted consumer (8-10 year olds and their parents) may not believe there is much apple flavor until they taste the product. RK best reflects the brand concept . 2. RK is a clear term describing every aspect of the cereal. The main problem would be the spelling because “Krispies” would normally be spelled “Crispy” with no plural form of the word existing in the English Dictionary. AZ is easy to remember and spell.
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ADV_318J_Project 1 - MEMORANDUM TO Professor John Murphy...

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