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ADV 318J, Murphy, et al Name: Ad Selected: Slim Fast Lab: Th 6 Print Advertising Evaluation Form 1. Evaluate the headline, illustration, body copy and layout of the ad by discussing its strengths and weaknesses. Under each of these elements discuss why you feel the selected ad would be effective or ineffective and explain why. Note that the target audience for the ad consists of some subset of readers of Better Homes and Gardens . In discussing the ads, abbreviate Slim Fast (SF), Sun-Maid Raisins (SMR), and Nestle Morsels (NM). HEADLINE : Strengths : The headline of this ad would certainly ring true for anyone, particularly women, looking to manage or lose weight. After reading it, people may be prompted to read on and discover what this “new plan” is. By holding this information back from the reader, it coaxes him or her into the ad. It also sticks by David Ogilvy’s rule of having eight to ten words for readers to maximize recall and want to actually read it. Weaknesses : Rather than being spread across the top of the page, the headline of this ad is located in the upper left corner, which could cause readers to skip over it. In addition, it isn’t exactly written in a font large enough or unique enough to jump out at a reader. Effectiveness: Even though the SF ad has elements that could make it potentially effective, it probably won’t be if the target audience misses it. ILLUSTRATION : Strengths : The illustration in the SF ad definitely supports the selling point of the brand. The woman holding an apple and a Slim Fast complements the healthy theme of the ad. Also, because the majority of Better Homes and Gardens readers are women aged 35-49, they would probably be able to relate to the woman in the picture, causing them to take notice of the ad. In terms of gaze motion, the woman in the picture is looking down at an angle where a sticky note of an “easy options plan” is located. Naturally, readers will follow her gaze, where they will find a variety of options available from SF, and a healthy meal plan they can follow. Weaknesses : This illustration doesn’t make very good use of white space, which normally stands out to readers. Also, the sticky note with the “easy options plan” has a lot of writing on it, which could discourage audiences from reading it. Effectiveness
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ADV_318J_Project 3 - ADV 318J, Murphy, et al Ad Selected:...

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