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ESSAY 1-Argument Analysis - Rhe 306Argument Analysis...

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Rhe 306- Argument Analysis Illegal Immigration and the Economy The economy in the United States is something that may be impacted by illegal immigration. How does the economy change? Or does illegal immigration actually cause a significant change in the future of the economy? The issue of economic change due to illegal immigration is important because American Citizens can be affected. Citizens could be losing jobs, benefit through low prices on items, or not go through any major change at all. There are three positions that economists, policy makers, and authors mainly argue from: positive, negative or neutral. People who take sides with the neutral position, such as Richard Belzer from an online blog, argue that illegal immigration may have a small change on the economy. Yet, there is not a long term impact because eventually immigrants will integrate into the United States. Citizens should just let immigration, legal and illegal, happen naturally because there will be no major changes. However, those such as AnnaLee Saxenian, a professor specializing in Silicon Valley immigration claim that immigration is beneficial to the economy. Both high and low skilled immigrants benefit the economy in some significant way more than they harm. On the other hand, economists such as Steven A. Camarota, researcher and author for the Center for Immigration Studies, claim that the economy is harmed from illegal immigration. Immigrants affect the economy by taking available jobs, lowering citizens’ wages, using government services, and not paying income taxes. One perspective is the neutral position, where economists have argued that illegal immigration may have no substantial beneficial or harmful impact on the economy. Belzer has earned degrees in public policy and a Ph.D., at Harvard University. In his online blog article, “Immigration Economics and the Wall Street Journal: a marriage with irreconcilable differences”
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Belzer is refuting claims made on illegal immigration by The Wall Street Journal. His main argument is that there is not enough sufficient data to prove illegal immigration changes the economy, therefore there should be no major claims made. For example, Belzer states “We're aware of no credible theory predicting that immigration status is correlated with criminal activity (immigration law violations excepted) or welfare dependency” (Belzer 3). He argues that claims made by major publications have no merit and citizens should not rely on these sources as their information on illegal immigration. Belzer maintains his neutral position that there are so many factors that could lead to criminal activity or welfare dependency, yet there is no proven research that illegal immigration worsens the economy in the criminal or welfare aspects. Belzer states, “In every market where wage rates are competitively determined, increasing the supply of workers must reduce wage rates” (Belzer 12). Belzer argues that in any competitive labor market where the supply of workers is increased, wages will naturally reduce. Immigrants are not
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ESSAY 1-Argument Analysis - Rhe 306Argument Analysis...

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