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RHE309S Davida Charney Youth and the Politics of Domestic Terrorism Analysis Final Draft (Revision) July 25, 2007 Henry A. Giroux, a former professor at Penn State University, argues in his article “Youth and the Politics of Domestic Terrorism” that children in the United States who are “homeless, poor, hungry, neglected, lack decent medical care, or suffer physical abuse by adults” are being ignored and the public should step up and take action. Instead of helping, Giroux exclaims that the public sphere a cause of children falling into poverty also known as the "war on youth". The article is published in Tikkun , a Jewish magazine, which is targeted towards people of all faiths, the Democratic Party and those who want social justice, political freedom, and the end of the War in Iraq. Giroux uses strong words to persuade the reader that we are hurting children by building prisons, guaranteeing standardized testing, and providing them with a commercialized public sphere. Although the title of the article itself gives us an idea of what the issue is pertaining to, our youth, Giroux goes into further detail to explain the issue span in the first paragraph. The issue is that America has been too focused with the September 11 th attacks, that we have overlooked “terrorism” occurring right in front of us. Children are
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experiencing the wrath of the government more than adults when their civil liberties are being damaged excessively. Democracy is even more delicate than it was before the September 11 th attacks on the United States and because of this, children are the ones being terrorized and no one is noticing. He argues that there has been nothing but “thunderous silence” from critics and educated people which then makes it seem as if he is putting the blame solely on those people because of their social status. Yet another reason, for the ignorance of terrorized children, is brought up in a cause claim when he states that society (which is everyone) is associating the word “terrorism” only with “attacks” and because of this ignoring the domestic terrorism experienced by children in poverty. An action claim that Giroux uses is hinting at the audience that one should speak out about the deterioration of our youth instead of keeping silent or ignoring children. In paragraph 2-4, the problem span, which takes up most of the article, is introduced. Many children are in poverty because their voices are not being heard through the media and the public sphere. Since they are not being heard, Giroux feels like he is speaking for them and spends most of his time within the problem simply to prove how much children are being ignored and “terrorized”. By negatively claiming the non- existence of focus on children, Giroux adds on by declaring that copious cases of children in poverty are vague due to the media’s stress on sensationalist stories like children’s kidnappings. To further credit his claim, he inputs statistics and facts of children of
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Rhe309 Analysis Paper2 - RHE309S Davida Charney Youth and...

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