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Rhe309 Response Paper - Rhe309 David Charney Poor Little...

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Rhe309 David Charney Poor Little Rich Kids Response Final Draft (Revision) August 1, 2007 Poor Little Rich Kids White people are being racially discriminated! Four white students who were not admitted to the University of Texas at Austin were refused damages by a federal judge. They believe they were being racially discriminated due to the Affirmative Action law. The decision came in the damages phase of the trial known as Hopwood v. Texas. After reading George Brooks’ article, I realized that preferential treatment does exist and not only in the streets as he describes, but also in the educational system. In my opinion, people who are wealthy and/or white are always treated better than those who are not. Someone who would oppose my view is mentioned in an online article 1 by Cox, Martin and Associates. It explains the Supreme Court’s decision about four people who were not admitted into The University of Texas at Austin based on their race. This article connected with Brooks’ reading because they both point out a similar topic, racism, but I highly disagree with the case that was written about in the online article. Preferential treatment has existed for centuries and can even go further back then the 1600s when slavery started in the United States. Although, this may seem a little outrageous to some, I think the beliefs held during those times stuck with us till this day. This is because wealthy and white people were in control of almost everything in the United States. 1 “High Court Refuses to Hear Affirmative Action Case – United States Supreme Court, University of Texas” http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0DXK/is_11_18/ai_77133964
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In Cox’s article, the four students are fighting because they feel their denial of admittance to The University of Texas in Austin was due to their Caucasian race. Also, they blame racism as the cause of them not receiving as much financial aid or scholarships as minority races. The two articles have a strong connection, yet they are both opposite from each other. Brooks believes we are “ganging up” on the minority race such as Black or Latino, while the case in Cox’s article is describing the white students as the minority in this situation. In my mind, I believe this happens
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Rhe309 Response Paper - Rhe309 David Charney Poor Little...

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