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International advertising case analysis 3

International advertising case analysis 3 - To Bill Smith...

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To: Bill Smith Fm: A. Student RE: Lake Michigan Bank and Trust Problem : What should Rothermel (A&P Manager) recommend in regards to Agency resources? Critical Factors: (1) Current Advertising budget $225,000, half in newspapers (2) Current Agency –Chicago office of big NY Agency, 15 year positive track record, provides most of planning input for annual plans, “full service for full fees”,(3) Business situation – Among larger banks in 200 bank city, (4) Internal staffing – Pre 1970 did all advertising in-house, currently small staff operation, (5) Independent Services – Creative boutiques: many available, breakthrough creative, only charges fee for creative –Media Buying/Planning Agencies available for a separate fee.(6)Timing – It is Fall (Oct.?), plan for next year due in 90 days.(7)Rothermel –preliminary POV- need breakthrough creative., can save money, can bring planning in house; thinks “too many old men” at current Agency to do breakthrough work. :(8) Davis –Rothermel’s boss, raised doubts/issues with change of agency, suggested saving money via fees better argument to their (conservative) management vs. breakthrough creative Alternatives: (1) . Hire a Creative boutique and other outside resources as needed PRO’s: Potential cut through advertising in competitive market(2,3,5,8). Potential money savings (2,4,5). Easier, more efficient to deal with (4,6). Can better control media (2,5). Makes Rothermel more responsible for planning (4,7,8). CON’s: Lose planning experience ((1,3,6,7). No evidence current advertising not working ((1).May cost as much as or more (4,7). Management
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